Friday, 13 January 2017

10 Incredible Tips To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing can be an extremely lucrative method in creating a healthy income stream. It also means you do not need to create your own products for sale as you advertise the products of others on your website, earning a commission for each sale made.

There are many resources available in the world of affiliate marketing including:
WordPress to create your website, user-friendly websites offering free advice and instruction on getting started, ClickBank and other similar marketplaces where owners of information products advertise their wares for use in advertising, and so on.

The following 10 tips will provide you with information and ideas on creating your own marketing website.

1. Create your own website using an easy-to-use platform such as WordPress which provides advice and guidance from the start. It is straight forward to create posts, insert images and even videos.

2. Select the niche you would like to promote by researching what is currently in fashion, being advertised on other sites or simply a hobby you have. As long as you have some knowledge on the subject and can create articles and posts or comments on your niche, people will read.

3. Decide which products you would like to promote from an established marketplace such as ClickBank. Check the credentials of the product by viewing the statistics provided which includes the sales to date, refunds requested and more.

4. Advertise the products on your website using the advertisements or banners provided. The code is provided which you copy and paste into your site and when viewed, displays an image explaining the benefits of the product. When clicked on by the viewer it leads to a landing page already created by the vendor.

5. Choose different methods to drive traffic to your website as there are numerous ways to do so. They include paid advertising, use traditional offline advertising such as adverts in newspapers, flyers and business cards.

6. Create a social media page or link to further promote your products and increase sales on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linked-In.

7. Write content rich articles and publish these on online directory sites such as EzineArticles, Reddit, again linking back to your website.

8. Link into other websites promoting similar or complimentary products to get referrals and comments, inviting guest comments and also creating guest comments on others' blogs.

9. Create your own products, leaflets and newsletters and offer these as a bonuses or free gifts.

10. Use Pay Per Click advertising to get more traffic however ensure you use this wisely and seek advice as it may be costly if carried out incorrectly.

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