Monday, 9 January 2017

How to Optimize Facebook Ads So You Can Reach More People

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Facebook with its more than five hundred million active users worldwide is looked upon by many web marketers as an excellent vehicle to make connections with their intended customers. This social networking site has given these marketers a tremendous opportunity to connect their social content with searchers giving them wide opportunities to grow their business.

You can place your ads with Facebook as a way of improving the present status of your business or you can place social advertisements aiming to drive traffic to affiliate websites so that you can earn commission from your affiliates. For these purposes you have to optimize your social ads to drive the necessary traffic and further earn your revenues or commissions.

There are some who observe that ads placed on social networking sites will not work for your business, but if you just bid low your ads will not cost you much. If you can get traffic at these low costs, and the products you promoted or even you own are high quality ones people may have tendencies to buy, and thus give high returns on low cost investments.

To add success to the optimization effort of your social ads, make your ad copy somewhat conversational because this is a social networking site, in the first place. Making people at ease when they see your ads (but with a compelling message), you can have tremendous opportunities for people making the necessary clicks.

Make your ad titles or headlines interesting but compelling, just like when you do any other online advertising campaign. This can give your social ads good optimization and it will also be good for your efforts if you can make experimentation's with different titles and focus on those that give better returns.

In your affiliate advertising efforts make sure that you have only the highest value products to promote because people in your fan pages have placed more trust in you (basically the reason they register as your fans). You will lose your credibility if your fans discover that products you are endorsing or of lesser quality or worse if they have no value at all.

By examining the pages where you are have more click throughs (for your Facebook social ads) you can have a good analysis on where to focus ad placements. This will be a good way of making improvements in your targeting of intended customers and thus give good optimization to your social ads.

Adding photos or videos as content in your fan page will give more advantages to your optimization efforts. When you direct your intended customers from your social ads to your fan page and people will find interest in your photo or video contents, you can have possibilities of results going viral, and thus give more benefits to your advertising efforts.

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