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Like Tony Robbins You Can Earn Passive Income

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Are you seeking for ways to earn enough money or just a few bucks? Do you want to completely replace your job paycheck? With the advent of the internet there is now more opportunity than ever to create passive income streams. What make internet income passive? The idea is that you put in the work once and continually earn from that work in the future, even while your asleep! I guess that's what makes this industry so attractive.

I'm a former accountant and realized after 3 years that if I were to continue trading my time for money, I would never have the time to actually enjoy the things I love to do in life (spending time with friends and family, traveling etc.). In this article I have listed some great ideas below that you may use to create multiple passive income streams online.

If you don't have any idea what "passive income" means, please read on. It may be regarded as money you passively earn, which only needs a little effort on your part to make that revenue.

1) Online Advertising

Online advertising is the best way for creating passive income online. You just need to promote the ad network's advertisements using your own website or blog. First, you will need to apply and you must pass the qualifications set by the ad network before they approved you in their program. Usually, applicants should have a site that has a lot of content and can drive traffic consistently. If the ad network approves your application, you can put the ad tags that they will send you to your site and start earning. You can just leave it alone and watch T.V. or take a walk in the park. The ad tags that will show in your site are related to the nature of your site or blog so it may benefit your readers as well.

There are two types of Ad Networks. One is CPC ('Cost-Per-Click') and the other is CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions'). CPC is paying based on by the number of visitors who clicked the advertisement in your site while CPM is based on the total impression or number of visitors who saw the ad tags. Here are the lists of Ad Networks that you can try joining:


Google AdSense is the most popular Ad Network out there. Adsense will pay you based on CPC or by the number of visitors who clicked the advertisement in your site. So basically, you should convince your audience to click your ads to earn. As I have said before, Ads are related to the nature of your site so it can help you to convince the reader to click the ads. You know those banners that appear on the side of most websites and blogs, this is exactly what I'm talking about here.

Media.Net is operated by Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads and is probably one of the most popular ad network companies second to Google. I've been using ads for a few months and the income was very similar to AdSense. However, the approval process for applicants is much harder than Google.

CPM based ad networks

ContextWeb, AdClickMedia, Adbrite, Adify, BuzzLogic and Casale Media are all CPM based ad networks and you can earn similar to CPC based networks if your site knows how to drive traffic.

Ad Publisher Network

Ad Publisher Network is a company where you can be approved as easy as 1-2-3. They are offering CPM based ad tags from CPM ad networks and publish it to your site or blog. Unlike the ad networks, you will earn 60% of the total earnings and 40% for the ad publisher. The advantage of using ad publisher is that you can be approved in just a day and get your ad tags immediately. NJ Network ( is the only Ad Publisher that I know for now.

2) Affiliate Marketing

After having spent close to a decade earning income through affiliate marketing and other partnership methods, this is one of my favorite ways creating passive income online.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is fairly simple - you earn money online by promoting the products of another company for a commission on each sale you make. So in theory, all you have to do is partner up with affiliate programs, get their affiliate links, and start promoting them everywhere. Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to create passive income because you can blog/review the products you are promoting just once, and earn commissions forever going forward when readers click and purchase through your links.

Remember, to create passive income streams on the internet you must be willing to put in your time, your energy, your effort and loads of your commitment at the start. So what are you waiting for? This is the right time to think of your future and see the endless possibilities waiting for you.

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