Tuesday, 28 February 2017

3 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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I've seen many companies make mistakes with pay-per-click marketing.

Mistake 1

One mistake is paying too much. This can happen if you are not using the right key words or you are bidding for too popular keywords. A lot of companies doing internet marketing are paying a lot for their pay-per-click marketing campaigns because they do not know what to look out for and they do not manage their vendors and consultants well. That's why some companies give up on internet marketing after their first try with pay-per-click.

Mistake 2

The second mistake is not having a clear objective in mind when they do their pay-per-click. For example, if their aim is to generate leads using pay-per-click marketing, but they do not have a website that can convert traffic into leads, then they are going to have a big problem because at the end of the internet marketing campaign, they will not have any results despite having spent a lot of money.

Mistake 3

The third mistake is not testing your ads. It's always advisable to do a split-test of the same ads to evaluate what is more effective. You can try changing the punctuation or headlines for the split tests and remember to monitor the tests.

These are some of the common problems that I see and the marketing departments of companies who encounter them then give up on internet marketing and pay-per-click prematurely.

We've seen the evolution of Google's ranking system over the years and now it is more focused on quality or in Google's words, the user experience. The entire philosophy of Google's approach to search is on the user experience. Their aim is to give relevant results when we are searching for something, whether it is results displayed organically or results displayed on the advertisement sponsored links.

What users want are relevant results so as long as your pay-per-click marketing campaigns are focused on that aspect, it should be alright. You can measure the costs that go into the pay-per-click campaign and the results that come out of it. You will know the exact return of investment or ROI of that specific internet marketing campaign itself, whether you are using pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization.

Internet marketing using pay-per-click is great as you have a global reach leverage. This means that you can now reach a global or regional audience without even having a physical presence overseas. This is the beauty of internet marketing - it gives firms an effective and low-cost way to reach out to a regional network or global audience.




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