Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How To Increase Email Opens (Plus My 5 Best Subject Lines Ever)

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Just for this post, I spent the last 3 days hiding in my basement to come up with a Top Secret Formula that I shouldn't release to the public... Are you sure you can handle this? Ok... here it is:

More Email Opens + More Emails Clicks = $$

I know... pretty crazy, huh? Alright, alright, that's not exactly a revelation (well, if you're brand new it might be). It's pretty simple business that the more eyeballs you can get to your content, then the more sales you'll be making. Some marketers mistakenly believe that the only factor that goes into getting people to open your emails is the subject line.

I would say it's the most important factor without a doubt, but let me show you 3 ways that have nothing to do with the subject line that will increase your email opens (and therefore make you more money, at least according to my groundbreaking formula)

(and then keep reading to get my top 5 best Subject Lines of all time)

Email Open Secrets Of The Rich

1. Email More Frequently

This might seem like a paradox... you'd think that your open rate would go down because you're sending more emails.

Some might think it's better to send out once per week and really bunch together all your best content... like daily content would be too "watered down" to be any good.

Of course your content still needs to be killer, but the more people get used to you, the more they'll open your mail.


As soon as I started emailing out more frequently (from once per week to 4-5 times per week) my open rates jumped up by 20%.

If you think 20% isn't significant, give me 20% of your income and see if it makes a difference.

2. Fill Emails With Value... And THEN a Link

If you're just emailing out blog posts to your list, then no problem here.

But... if you're sending out emails with links to capture pages or sales pages all the time, people will stop opening your emails, unless...

You do it the right way.

Marketers tend to grab a link and then formulate a message tailored to that specific link.

At least if you're putting in a decent message with it you're on the right track.

But, if the whole message is formulated to fit the link you want to give, it can be pretty easy to see through to what you're really trying to do (sell something!).

And doing that every day is irritating.

However, when I switched over to writing the message FIRST, and THEN putting in a link, I got a much better response.

My content improved, and people were more willing to open my messages than the not-so-subtle pitches I was doing.

3. Get People To Recognize Your Name

This one's pretty similar to #1 because by emailing more frequently, people know who you are.

Take opening your mail for example...

If you get a letter from Aunt Susie, are you going to open it?

Of course.

What about a letter from some random bank that's addressed to "Current Resident"?

The source of the message matters!

Big time!

In fact, there are some marketers that get their emails opened by me every time no matter what the subject line says.

You can get people to recognize you by getting your prospects to know your name before you opt in. The easiest ways are to use videos on your capture page and to get opt ins from your blog.

Then, set up your autoresponder to use your name as the sender.

"Enough with this garbage, I'm reading this post to check out some sweet subject line!"

OK fine.

5 subject lines that got me the most opens:

- 10 Blog Post Ideas For Your Next 10 Posts
- If I Had to Start Completely Over From Scratch
- I need your help
- How to Double Sales Immediately
- How to Get 800 Visitors a Day With Google
- Look over these subject lines for a minute... why do you think they worked so well?

4 of the 5 imply that the reader can get some immediate, practical advice or instruction.

The "start from scratch" implies that I'll go over step by step what I would do if I was a newbie (which most internet network marketers are, right?)

Then we have a couple "How-To's" and then the "10 Blog Posts" one appeals to the number one issue that bloggers have (which is coming up with content).

And then the "I need your help" subject line appeals to my readers' altruistic side... I learned that one from several other marketers who all said that was their best subject line ever.

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