Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Top 10 Tips for Social Media Optimization

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Social media optimization has become the new buzzword in internet marketing these days. The focus of this marketing strategy is to optimize your social profiles. This will in return increase traffic to your site.  While many of the techniques are the same as traditional SEO, there are a number of important differences that you need to know. Below are our top 10 tips for social media optimization.

1. Be Social - 

This would seem quite obvious. But it is so critical, so must be at the top of the list. Every time you create a new social profile, you should begin by spending some time taking a look at other users' profiles. Try making new friends, and commenting on their posts. It's all about networking. Follow people, engage them first, and they will usually follow you back.

2. Share Pictures and Videos - 

When you think about things going viral, you rarely think of a text-based post. Photos and videos have proven to be the most engaging type of content on Social media. Sharing photos and videos across all platforms  is a very effective way to drive engagement and traffic.

3. Make Sharing Easy - 

Always make it easy for users to share your content. Whether it's from your website or blog, you need to include easily accessible "share" buttons. These buttons include the "Tweet This" button from Twitter, and the "Pin It" button from Pinterest. Integrate your content as much as possible. In order to get traffic going to/from your website to these various social platforms.

4. Keep Your Content Fresh -

Deliver what your audience wants on a consistent basis. If you have a website or blog about improving your golf game, you need provide your audience with fresh content on a weekly basis. This is even more critical with social media. The expectation for fresh content is even greater. If you're not providing your audience with daily updates, you're doing things the wrong way. Develop a content strategy to post on a regular basis. However, make sure that you're offering real value or something interesting. Otherwise you will lose credibility.

5. Optimize Your Keywords -

Just as on your website, you need to include targeted keywords when building your social profiles. This will make it easy for your audience to find you. Remember to avoid stuffing keywords.

6. Set Up A Complete Profile -

Make sure your profile is complete which is consistent with your branding and your website and other profiles. This will help your search engine rankings, and present a more professional image.

7. Use Analytics To Optimize Your Content -

Using the many social media tools available to evaluate your social strategy is critical. You must pay attention to what gets your audience moving. Discover what type of content that works and what doesn't. Make necessary adjustments from there.

8. Share Everything -

Create content that's helpful, fresh and thought-provoking. Ask your audience to share it with their friends and it just may go viral.

9. Timing Is Everything -

Use your analytics tools to learn the best days/times to post your content. You'll want to identify and schedule your posts during the days/times your audience is most active and responsive.

10. It's Not All About You -

Don't only talk about yourself and your products. Focus on topics that are helpful to your readers and the problems that your products or services can solve for them.

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful strategy that every business should doing. It's all about being real and consistently provide good content and increase user activity. The search engines will love you for this. Your social media optimized profile will brand your business and drive new fans to your site.

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