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Top 5 Tips For Finding Profitable Niches

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Whether you're aware of it or not, niches are everywhere. They're in your home, your local community, within your hobbies like fixing cars, gardening, fishing, etc. And within a niche, there is a sub-niche, which basically means a market within a larger market.

The Search...

However, finding profitable niches requires some thought and proper planning if you're to succeed. If you try to cut corners or don't want to carry out some easy research on your niche, then your precious time and resources could be totally wasted.

This article will provide you with some tips that hopefully will guide you in the right direction, when searching for niches. They're not exhaustive by any means, but enough that should make you think before embarking on your niche selection journey. However, at this stage it might be useful to ask ourselves, 'What Is a Niche' and how can is it described?


The term 'Niche' originally was a scientific term describing the role of a living thing. It's defined as, the way of life of a particular type of specie or the role of an organism or how it functions within an ecosystem. Now, that's quite a mouthful and you may wonder how that fits in with Internet marketing and you making money?

Well, when applied to marketing, it's  a specific type of product or service a person or business provides to their customers. For example, an eBook for gardeners on how to grow bigger tomatoes. Here we have a niche, (gardening) and a sub-niche within the niche, (tomatoes) and a book specifically aimed at buyers or customers who wish to grow bigger tomatoes.

To further help illustrate niches and sub-niches, here's another one that I believe fits perfectly. It's in the dog niche, which as you can imagine is a huge one, but this one relates to the German Shepherd breed.

Dog Breeding

Dog breeding is big business and breeding German Shepherds can be a very lucrative hobby. Generally though, most German Shepherd dogs are of the same colouring, i.e. brown and tan, with the odd one or two having black faces or unusual markings. However, how about pure 'Black German Shepherd' dogs and when was the last time you set eyes on one?

I actually saw one recently and being a past owner of this breed, I wanted to stop my car and go stroke it. The dog looked fantastic and just completely different from all the ordinary German Shepherds you normally come across.

Now, I'm not going to go into dog breeding and take up valuable space by doing so, but in this example we have a niche, i.e. dog breeding, a sub-niche i.e. German Shepherds and moreover a sub-sub-niche i.e. Black German Shepherds. Is there likely to be a market here for us to enter into and sell to a hungry crowd? The short answer is a resounding 'Yes' and one where there's a good amount of traffic too.

So, based on this dog breeding example above, might there be a market for an eBook on say, 'How To Breed Black German Shepherds for Fun and Profit' or something along these lines? I think this is an easy one to answer.

With so many dog lovers, there's bound to be a forum where German Shepherd owners hang out. Can you imagine contributing a few comments and later dropping in a link to your eBook? This is targeted traffic at its best and sure to bring in sales from a popular niche.

If you've read this far, then hopefully you'll have a better idea of what profitable niches are and just as importantly what sub-niches are too.  You now see how you could possibly waste your time, money and resources by entering a niche that has little to no traffic, no hungry crowd and no following, despite your passion for the niche?

Top 5 Tips

I hope this article has helped in some way and will save you time and money. To sum up, here are my top 5 tips for finding profitable niches.

Choosing your niche: Keep in mind the reasons why people may buy your product or service. They normally buy if you can: solve their problems, make them wealthier, give them peace of mind, give them knowledge or value.

Demand: Are people searching or looking for your product. If nobody searches in your niche, then you won't get any traffic. And without traffic you won't make any money.

Competition: Has your service or product got a lot of competition. Carry out a search and check to see who else sells a similar product or service to you. How many ads are show up, including videos?

Profitability: Profiting from your niche should always be your number one priority. You need to ask yourself if you have products to sell into your niche or sub-niche? Can you put some affiliate links into your site for easy commissions? Is your niche product something that people will want and eagerly buy from you? Are people spending money in your niche right now?

The trend: In the Stock Market, there's an old saying> 'The trend is your friend' and if a stock trends, then its good to jump on-board and profit. The same applies with finding profitable niches within the Internet marketing field. You need to check to see how well your keyword performs for at least the last 12 months or preferably more. Check to see if your keyword is still trending upwards or declining.
Happy niche hunting!

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