Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Top 5 Benefits of Wholesale Drop Shipping - For Your Online Drop Ship Business

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The internet has been a fall back for so many that has lost their jobs during the economic global crisis. Many have been dependent on the job and business opportunities it has opened. One of the most profitable and fastest way to earn money in the internet is to wholesale drop ship. If you follow the simple rules and steps in online drop ship business, your income will turn a dozen folds.

Running your own online business has never been this easy especially with the drop ship industry making it trouble free for many retailers who want to earn more money with the littlest of capital. How drop shipping works is that your business will be the marketing arm so to speak of drop ship companies. Your website will display whatever products you choose from a drop ship supplier but the good thing about this is that the merchandise is yours as well. You are partners with the drop ship supplier. Once the customers order something from you, you order it from the wholesale drop shipper and in turn they will ship the products to your customers. It is really that simple. You only pay for the merchandise that you have ordered so minimum capital is needed and the roll-over of your investment is very fast. Therefore, your small investment generates more income quicker than if you owned a small clothing store. Your money is always moving.

What are the benefits that Drop Shippers Offer?

1. Instead of auditing and listing down inventories which usually takes two to three days, sometimes more, with a drop ship supplier, you will not have to worry about this. The inventory or merchandise will stay with them until they are ordered and ready to be delivered to your customers.

2. No inventory, no need for a storage space. Therefore, no expense for rental fees.

3. Packaging will not be needed at your end. Less expense again for your business since you will not need materials such as boxes and such.

4. Finding a reliable courier service sometimes is a tiresome job. When dealing your business with a Drop Shipper, they will ship the merchandise to your customer s as if they came directly from you. So dateline will always be met. Your customers will be happy and a happy customer means a repeat business.

5. So your time will be spent wisely because a lot of the work for your business will be done by your wholesale drop ship supplier. You can spend more time designing your website to make it more SEO friendly so that you build more traffic to you site. More traffic means more business, and more business means more income.

The only disadvantage of wholesale drop shipping is when you are unfortunate enough to come across an illegitimate drop shipper. So be advised that you do your research for the right legitimate and trust worthy drop shipper so that your online drop ship business will succeed in the internet world.



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