Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Setup Your Blog In 5 Minutes (If My Mum Can Do It, You Can!)

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I don't know about you. 

But I always take the peppers of my pizza. 

It might just be me idk

That's where this story starts... 

As I take the second bite of my pizza, the phone rings. 

I look down to see who it is, it says "mum". 

*brb pizza* 

I have been updating my mum in regards to my online business. 

She was quite impressed with my blog *cough* 

And at how quickly I was able to get it up there. 

A few weeks ago I made a promise to her... 

if I tell how to set her blog up. 

She will make me lamb curry (trust it's good stuff - lol) 

So I told her over the phone. 

Which buttons to click and what to type... 

Within 5 minutes she had her blog. 

I was actually quite proud of her 

*virtual high five* to my mum

Remember this is a person who has VERY LITTLE experience with computers. 

If she can do it, so can you! 

blog, blog setup, blog creation, starting out, starting your blog, Setup Your Blog In 5 Minutes, blog setup, blogging, blogger
Mum setting up her blog :)

Step 1 - choosing a platform 

The most common and respected blogging platforms are

WordPress and Blogger.

We are going to go with WordPress for now.

I will explain why.

Listen, if you are comfortable using blogger.

And have already started, feel free to continue on blogger.

But for everyone else, we will stick with WordPress.

(Side note - I will be revealing something really

exciting in email 4/4, it will help you out!)

- WordPress is more up to date.

- Latest features.

- YOU own the blog, NOT Google.

- Blogger has limited tools.

- WordPress is more customisable.

- More support.

It's free to use as well :).

Step 2 - Setting up your account. 

- Go to

- Click get started > start a blog.

- Choose a theme and give your blog a name.

- Select the free option.

- Enter your email address.

And BOOM! You have a blog!

You are welcome, my friend. 

In the meanwhile have a play around.

Break some s**t and fix it - lol

Vishal "you can do it too" Patel


Listen, if you get stuck or need a hand with anything.

Please free to hit me on this email address.

I will try my best to get back to you personally.

The pizza was cold after explaining everything to my mum :(

I love telling stories, it's the way I communicate.

People relate to stories and it's more engaging.

So be prepared to learn more about me as we deepen this relationship.

Ew, not like that silly! 

Oh, remember to check my report in earning passive income online, am sure you will find 
some value from it:



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